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Aerolift GmbH
Aerolift GmbH

Aerolift GmbH

Über uns

Aerolift Kunststoff- und Oberflächentechnik GmbH is a partner company of the décor³ group.
We have been producing and selling dimensionally stable molded parts with high-quality surfaces under the décor³ label for more than 20 years.

Our core competencies are thermoforming, CNC post-processing, screen and digital printing, design and manufacture of complex tools. This enables us to meet demanding requirements for our customers in terms of geometry, dimensional accuracy and surfaces.
With the screen printing and digital printing technology used, we produce thermoformed parts with individual and high-quality surfaces. The use of pre-colored and printed foils, as well as our newly developed chrome foil, saves time-consuming work steps such as painting and electroplating.

In our décor³ association, we offer our customers all necessary process steps from the product idea to series delivery. This includes concept, design and decor development, component construction, prototyping, tool making, component testing, initial sampling, series production, assembly activities, logistics.

Number of employees: Aerolift 40 employees, decor³ group in total: 110 employees
QS system: IATF 16949 and ISO9001

Development/production/distribution of:
Thermoformed parts with high-quality surfaces
Thermoformed parts with individual decors from batch size 1
Thermoformed parts in brushed aluminum look/carbon look/with 3D effect/with haptic structure
Thermoformedparts in chrome look
Thermoformed parts made of ABS/ASA/PC/PMMA/ABS-PMMA and other materials
Thermoformed parts as inserts for back injection/with integrated electronics
Thermoformed parts as part of assemblies, equipped with fasteners or adhesive tape

Joining/assembly of Thermoformedparts to assemblies
Product and design development of Thermoformed parts




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