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asma GmbH

asma GmbH

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The core competence of asma is the processing of the plastic polyurethane – PU for short – into molded parts and coatings. ASMA is a family business based in north-eastern Lower Austria.

PU is a material full of potential and special abilities – indispensable in industry and everyday life – we live polyurethane!

Polyurethane elastomers are cast in liquid form, usually without additional pressure, at temperatures of 30 to 120°C. Since polyurethanes are similar to rubber materials in use and processing, their technical terms have also found their way into the language of PUR processing.

Our tailor-made products made from PUR elastomers can be found in almost every branch of industry and commerce. Components for surface protection, against abrasion, for moving, transporting, lifting, under dynamic or static load, for screening, stripping, sorting, in wire saw machines, assembly lines…




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